Caribbean Treasure Hunt – A Pirates Tale


Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale is best described as FTL meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

In #piratetale you are the Captain of your own ship and you command a crew of adventures and sailors. You want to fulfill your life dream: To reclaim a treasure that you dumped during a more tragic part of your life. (Visit our Instagram to get a peek into the background story)

On your way you will command your crew in thrilling sea fights, make smart decisions in important events and upgrade and repair your ship in ports of mighty sea nations.

Do you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny? Will you reclaim the treasure?


Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale – means…

  • Tactical seafights with deep mechanics
  • Crew with personality and needs
  • Rogue-like
  • Replayability
  • Journal: Document and share your story.

State of the Development of Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale is currently in a prototypical state. We already have a lot. We will polish and finalize the seafights whereby we are supported by a small circle of players for play-tests. If you want to stay in touch and get some insight of the development follow our official social media channels. Like, our Facebook and Twitter Accounts. We also share some development insights in our development blog. There is one about random number generation for example.

Screenshots of Treasure Hunt

Tresaure Hunt - The under deck of a ship that is flooded with Water Treasure Hunt - Two crewmates are sword fighting on the upper deck Treasure Hunt - One crewmate steering the wheel another one repairing it