Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale

Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale is a rogue-like strategy game in 3D realized with the Unreal Engine 4. 2017-08-15_screen_03a20170813_burningammunitionstoragescreen_03c

Main Features

  • Rogue-like
    • Randomly generated world. Every new approach is different.
    • No respawn or save game. You die, you’ll write a new story.
  • Tactical Sea fights
    • Command your crew, choose targets, and execute several maneuvers.
  • Upgradable Ships
  • Crew with personality and needs
    • Every crew member is unique with own talents, personality and needs.
    • Unsatisfied crew members can even start revolts.
  • Captain as Avatar
  • World Exploration
    • Explore a wild world, full of dangerous settings, where you can find yourself in trouble every second.

Treasure Hunt – Background Story

In “Treasure Hunt – A Pirate’s Tale” you start your journey together with an erratic crew and a ship that you just managed to hustle. You goal is to find and claim a great treasure. On your way you will discover lonely islands full of opportunities and threats, visit the seaports of mighty nations and lead your crew in thrilling sea fights. Well, that’s what you will do but let’s talk about how your alter-ego came to that point:

As a young men  you were fascinated by the Ocean and everything regarding life on the open sea. That was the reason why you decided to hire on a large trade ship to get your first experiences on the Ocean.


You really enjoyed those days on-board but you also wanted more. You wanted to command a ship, you wanted to become a Captain and so you wondered what the future may bring…


Some days later destiny gave you a challenge that you had to master before you could even think about starting the game. At night you got hit by a terrifying storm that ripped your ship apart. Thanks to luck in misfortune, you somehow managed to survive that tragic event. You rescued yourself to a lonely Caribbean Island.

Survivor on Lonely Island

When you were on the island for the first days you almost got crazy. Later, you realized that the ship you were traveling on had a shit huge load of gold on board. You dumped the treasure on the lonely Island. Finally, after several years you got a chance to return to society. In that time, you managed to keep going driven by the opportunity of being rich and to be your own Captain.


For gods sake, a friendly Captain found you one day and returned you to the next sea port. It did not take you long to manage to hustle a ship and as a result you were able to persuaded some adventures and sailors to accompany you on your mission to claim the treasure. Do you have what it takes to fulfill your destiny?