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Dear gaming friends,

today I would like to inform you about the different information and social media channels we use. The article starts with a discussion about channels to communicate with people around the world in general. After that we will introduce our channels and tell you which channel will contain what sort of content. We encourage you to tell us your opinions and experiences regarding social media, blogs and communication in general in the comments.

Nils sharing the rainbow plank layout on Twitter.
Nils sharing the rainbow plank layout on Twitter.

On this image you see Nils some time after he shared the plank layout of the ship he is currently working on. This gives you some feeling about what posts will appear on Twitter. After reading this article you should have a fairly good understanding about what sort of posts we publish on which channel, such that you can follow those channels that make most sense for you.

General Stuff

During the development of Caribbean Treasure Hunt (CTH) we would like to share our issues and progresses via social media and our blog with you, we really appreciate your feedback. Therefore we thought about a strategy to get the information to you.

You might know, that every social media channel uses different algorithms to calculate a score depending on the frequency and the kind of content to be shared. Twitter for examples contains many bots that represent dynamic lists. Therefore it is really important to post frequently with the right hashtags. For Twitter it seems like a daily post or at least a post every two days is a good rule of thumb. Facebook on the other hand seems to punish high numbers of postings. Additionally the appearance of Images, GIF Animations or Videos in the users feed is more likely to be high rated than plain text.

But these algorithms are our estimates thus we are not sure for the best solution on each platform. The biggest lesson we learned was that Facebook “hates” you if you link external content from other platforms. Forward your Twitter GIF Animation to Facebook is something you simply should not do. Uploading the content multiple times is more work but as a result more people will see it.

At the moment we decided to use the channels mentioned in the table below. In the future we also plan to share content via Instagram and Youtube. The planed distributed content and the frequency on each platform is listed below.

Channel Fequency Content
Newsletter one per month plans & exclusive material
Blog irregular articles, making-ofs, experience reports and discussions+feedback
Twitter multiple times per week everything that comes to mind
Facebook multiple times per month selected pieces of progress

Newsletter (Updates, Exclusive Materials and Future Steps)

We decided to share our future plans via the Newsletter and as a premium feature every Newsletter will contain exclusive content. In our last Newsletter we shared concept sketches by our artist Kristina Lanert. Our next Newsletter will contain an example rendering of a location that can be visited by the players. Due to your subscriptions to our newsletter we would like to show you our gratitude. If you like to join our newsletter and the exclusive contents, you can use the form on the right hand side of our website.

Blog (Articles & Reports)

The blog will mostly contain articles like this one. We will share our experiences, hope that someone can learn from our mistakes and successes and in the best case get some constructive feedback that will help us on our path. The topics of the articles will differ a lot. We plan to post about all the challenges in game-dev and -biz. As we did in previous blog posts we will also write experience reports about events and successful applications programs or competitions like the “Senkrechtstarter” in Bochum. But we also plan to add making-of articles to share some insights into our day-to-day work on Caribbean Treasure Hunt.

Twitter (Social Media)

Twitter is THE social media channel to shout out everything that comes to our minds. In our opinion it is the best platform to give frequent feedback. On other channels we strife for a quality policy but on Twitter we will post everything: Annoying and/or funny bugs, feedback or even rants on tools we work with. Everything related to Caribbean Treasure Hunt can be found on our Rubin-Games Twitter account but you can also follow Nils’ or my personal account.

Facebook (Social Media)

Facebook is a special candidate somehow. It is similar to Twitter but we decided only to post about topics that are relevant to a wider audience. So there will be no typical “look at that unpolished gif”, “my tool hates me” and “haha a funny bug” posts like on Twitter. At the moment our strategy is to use Facebook to promote relevant progresses and to inform you about topics on other channels in a more general manner than re-sharing the posts of other platforms. For us it is similar to Twitter but more tided up.

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