Meet the Team – Know the Mission

Hello everyone, we are Rubin-Games Studios and we are working on a rogue-like strategy game in a Caribbean setting called “Treasure Hunt –  A Pirate’s Tale”. This page shortly introduces us and our company.

Who are we?

Our team consists of us two: Nils and Tim. Nils is The Artist dude on the right and Tim is the coding monkey on the left. We both started game development in our teens. At this age we modified awesome games like Half-Life and Warcraft.

Our Mission!

We want to bring challenging Games to Players around the world. We develop games with much replay value. Therefore we rely on procedural generated worlds that give the players new Challenges in every play-through. We also force our players to adapt to new strategies in every new round. We do not make games that rely on fast reaction times but on your decision making. These are the games we really like and therefore want to have more of them.

We want to give everyone the possibility to generate content for our games for that reason we design our games with modding in mind. Some of the most successful games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike were former MODs. The communities of these great games did a collaborative effort to design these masterpieces.