GDCE / Gamescom – Followup

Hello everyone,

Nils and I attended GDCE / Gamescom this year (2016) and had a great time in Cologne.

Tim and Nils in front of the Gamescom entrance
Entering Gamescom


there were some great talks on GDCE but for us the most important aspect of such events is to get in touch with people and from that perspective GDCE was a full success. But talks first: The first great talk I attended was Rendering Antialiased Shadows with Moment Shadow Mapping by Christoph Peters. I must admit I did not understand everything but I liked the way Christoph explained complicated stuff in a compact manner you may have to read the paper to understand though. And Christoph has a great way of motivating you to do that by reminding you of the benefits of his technique at the right points in time.

And yes I also attended the typical “Fanboy Warning” talks like the one of the CD Projekt RED and Paradox Interactive. The former was really interesting from a game-design perspective and the latter gave great tips for startups like us. If you have video access do not miss to check them out. There was another talk that was like a “A-ha!” effect for me. That talk divides strategy games into six sub-categories. Those sub-categories were inspired by military theory. Never thought about it in those clear structure although I did play a lot RTS and round-based strategy games in my life. Well, you’ll never stop learning.

But enough about talks: We also meet a lot of great people. It took me sometime to post-process the business cards! More than thirty (that’s >30 for mathematicians) Haha!

We met the devs of ICE-PICK-Lodge (a russian gamedev) presenting their game Pathologic. Especially the discussion with them about the Russian gamer mindset was enlightened. I talked to a contractor who worked on ports for bigger game products. Very interesting from a technical perspective. I meet some indies from Poland. Did you know that Poland has a long history of indie gamedev. I think more than six years. Well and I believe everyone at GDCE had meet at least one Composer or Localization guy. At least I met more than six! 😉

And what’bout the parties? Let’s answer this with a german saying: “What happens in Cologne, stays in Cologne!” 😀


We mostly hang around the Medienstand.NRW booth and meet old friends of the Ruhrarea gamedev community. It was an awesome time!

We also walked around the customer area. It’s amazing how many events (mostly E-Sport I think) taking place during Gamescom.

And for the end of this long blog post my personal highlight of GDCE/Gamescom: We meet and took a picture with Gronkh a very popular german Youtuber.

Gamescom meet up Rubin-Games Studios and Gronkh
Gamescom Gronkh and Rubin-Games Studios

Hope you enjoyed the experience report.


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