Business plan Competition: “Senkrechtstarter”


Hello everyone, we attended the local business plan competition “Senkrechtstarter” here in Bochum. It was a very helpful series of events that transferred a lot of business knowledge into our heads. There are a lot of pitfalls and bureaucracy when founding your own business (maybe not even in Germany). For everyone starting an own business we advise to checkout their local community for such events. It was really helpful for us.

Another Plus are all the cool people you meet at those events. Listening to cool ideas of other founders and sometimes completely different perspectives from some experts really help to steer into the right direction or to approve that the chosen one is already the right one.

Last but not least a picture we are really proud of:

business plan competition prizes

We did make the fourth place of over a hundred registered teams and managed to receive two special awards for the business plan competition. Yeah!

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